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  • About Tasdid

  • Why Tasdid ?

  • Value of Tasdid

  • Domain of Activities

Established in 2002, by Sadid Industrial Group in partnership with Iranian Offshore Engineering & Construction Company (IOEC). Tasdid is one of Iranian leading regional petroleum / energy (upstream /downstream) Services Company.


project development services & to recommend the best ways to our clients for their projects  commercial  success.



Tasdid is  performing turnkey projects such as but not limited to  construction of jackup drilling rigs, project financing, project management, Tasdid equipped with dedication and expertise of its people  provided initially a range of Marine Structure Development services by entering into and implementing petroleum (oil, gas …) / energy (power plants …) projects.



As Tasdid grew during past years  has  become a focused engineering and construction firm participating in tenders not only in Iran but also in regional and overseas countries.



Tasdid goal is to go above and beyond its clients expectations of project delivery. Tasdid as a General Contractor (G.C.) has been awarded contracts to perform upstream/downstream (Offshore & Onshore) projects on the basis of Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Installation, Pre-commissioning & Commissioning (EPCI & C).

  • Experienced and professional managers participation
  • Young, specialist, competent, creative and thriving manpower
  • Reputation with all employers
  • Formidable shareholders and board of directors
  • National and international certification
  • Enhanced facilities and equipment in the construction phase
  • The use of local manpower and contractors to help create jobs
  • Ongoing manpower empowerment with specialized training on the job
  • System agility and accurate and quick decision-making in the form of a private company
  • Effort to increase knowledge and skills of employees and contractors to enhance the quality, safety , health and environmental protection
  • Control and assurance of all services quality
  • Active and effective participation in conferences, forums and exhibitions related to marine, oil and gas industries

Values of Marine Structure Development Company ,Tasdid are :
1. Compliance with health and safety at work
2. Control and quality assurance of all services
3. Environmental protection at the highest level possibility
4. Professional ethics in business
5. Efficient efforts for national and regional development
6. National and international certification
7. The use of native workforces to help create jobs
8. Empowerment and manpower continuous and specialized training

- Consulting and engineering, contracting, implementation services and management of industrial and manufacturing projects, especially in oil, gas and petrochemical projects within and outside the country.

- Preparation, production and supply of required equipment and facilities, collaboration with domestic and foreign manufacturers and suppliers.

- Credit, financial facilities applying and a variety financing and investment supplying and other business, financial, logistical and operational activities in all or parts of the relevant projects.

- Working as a turnkey or design, construction, installation and commissioning (EPC), project management, contract management, supervision and technical inspection.

- Design, supply and contracting issues related to marine and coastal structures, dams and hydroelectric building, hydraulic structures, water tunnels, water tanks and water distribution networks and transmission channels of water, sewage collection and transmission networks, civil construction, water and wastewater treatment plants facilities and equipment, extraction, processing, storage and conversion of raw materials and production in oil industry, gas and petrochemical, heavy mining and metal industries, factories producing transportation equipment, material transmission lines equipment in factories, energy efficiency and so on.

- Education or technical knowledge transmission in its various forms.

- Production, distribution and power plant projects.

- Import and export of all authorized commercial goods.

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