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Introducing Tasdid Company

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Introducing Tasdid Company

Tasdid Offshore Development Co. acts as a general contractor (GC) in the oil, gas, petrochemical, and power-generation industry in the fields including engineering, procurement, construction, financing and EPC project management. The company has activities in both onshore and offshore fields. Having prestigious international certifications including two-star organizational excellence certificates from EFQM, and designing, manufacturing and installing 11 offshore oil jackets, which is one of the largest oil and gas platforms in Middle East, as well as implementing 300 km pipeline and submarine and terrestrial cable in oil fields of Reshadat, Ilam-Salman and Abuzar-Norooz, Tasdid Co. is a pioneer company in the offshore industry of the country.

Tasdid Co. During 2012

  • Having an extraordinary record on construction of oil and gas platforms during a 6-month period (this time previously was 8 months) as well as an unprecedented record on construction of 150 kilos/person/hour steel structure in sanctions.
  • Having a record on seven million work hours without any disrupting accident in all projects.
  • Creating directly and indirectly 2,000 job opportunities.
  • Enhancing the rank of the company by 23 degrees among domestic top companies (IMI) in terms of sale and income during 2012.
  • Continuing the localization trend of the offshore technology in all fields especially in training committed manpower for offshore industry.
  • Timely purchasing goods and equipment required by projects in the situation caused by the sanctions.
  • Receiving the contracting authority certificate from the Vice-Presidency for Strategic Planning and Supervision in order to verify the work quality, and the competitive advantage in tendering and market development in the following issues: ”grade one in oil and gas, grade two in installations and equipment, and grade five for mining, industry and water"

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