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Following the decision taken in October 2002 between Hirbodan Management Company, Iran Offshore Engineering and Offshore Construction Company and Petrotech Sun International Co., it was agreed that an Iranian company to be established in order to operate in the following areas:

  1. Consulting and providing engineering, contracting, and implementation services and management of industrial and manufacturing projects, especially in oil, gas and petrochemical projects within and outside the country.
  2. Preparation, production and supply of required equipment and facilities, and cooperation with domestic and foreign manufacturers and suppliers.
  3. Obtaining credit, utilizing financial facilities and a variety of financing and investment and other commercial, finance, procurement and implementation activities in all or part of the relevant projects.
  4. Operating as a turnkey, or design, construction, installation and commissioning (EPC), project management, contract management, technical supervision and inspection.
  5. Design, procurement and contracting works related to offshore and onshore structures; dams and hydroelectric building, hydraulic structures, water tunnels, water tanks, water transferring channels and water distribution networks, wastewater collection and transferring networks; civil construction operations and facilities and equipment for water and wastewater treatment; exploiting, processing, storage and conversion of raw materials in oil, gas, and petrochemical industry; heavy mining industries and metal industries; factories producing transportation vehicles; equipment of material handling lines in factories; optimizing energy consumption, etc.
  6. Learning or transferring the technical knowledge in various forms.
  7. Accepting and assigning any agency, authority, franchising, license and the like.
  8. Production, distribution and execution of power plant projects.
  9. Import and export all authorized commercial goods.

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