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Vision and Mission

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In line with policies in Iran Vision 1404, Tasdid intends to:

  1. To be among the top three offshore construction contractors in the country over the next three years;
  2. To be among the top 20 offshore construction contractors in the country over the next three years;
  3. To be among the top 10 companies in the country by active and significant presence in international target markets in exporting technical and engineering services.
  4. To be among the top companies (transcendent companies) in the oil industry in implementing quality management, safety, occupational health and environment (HSEQ) systems and Organizational Excellence Model (EFQM).
  5. To provide 20% of the company turnover by financing the projects over three next years.
  6. To have increased indices in Human Resource Development and to train the best offshore workforces in the country over the next three years.


The mission of the company is to promote the management and to execute large onshore and offshore oil, gas, petrochemical, and power generation projects using the internal potential in order to move toward self-sufficiency and to provide job opportunities in local areas, in the fields including management, engineering, procurement, construction, installation and starting up the projects inside and outside the country. Tasdid also considers executing national projects through efficiently using potentials available in the committed experts inside the country as a mission. Tasdid is trying to have an effective presence in national projects while preserving the good name; it is also trying to utilize all hardware and software potentials and managerial capabilities of stockholders, while creating synergies and utilizing high potential, young, skilled and committed recruitment, in order to timely implement the projects defined in the appropriate sizes. Playing a significant and positive role, the company also intends to act effectively in transferring new technologies and ideas.

Another objective of the company is to participate in international projects aiming at exporting technical and engineering services to other countries, especially neighboring countries and the Persian Gulf Region. In this regard, Tasdid has signed a partnership agreement with several companies active in international arena

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