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Workplace Health and Safety

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Tasdid Offshore Development Company, using a pre-defined plan, has established the best quality and safety systems and services. Last year, it used the latest scientific methods to identify hazards and risks involved in the workplace, and analyzing them and based on the latest international standards such as OGP and OHSAS: 18001, established procedures and permissions required in the routine and crisis situations to take various actions. To reduce and eliminate the risks in work place and to provide a safe working environment for employees and contractors, Tasdid did the following actions: preparing manuals and holding continuous training courses, holding daily Tool-Box Meeting, holding periodic maneuvers and providing professional safety equipment for individuals and groups, managing resources and energy, monitoring and controlling industrial wastewater and solid waste, periodically medical examination of employees and contractors, establishing medical centers using the latest medical facilities and ambulances located at the workshop and holding periodic exercises. In this context, Tasdid has the first place among Falat-Ghareh contractors in HSEQ issues.

In a joint project between University of Tehran and FALAT-GHAREH Oil Company, among contractors of FALAT-GHAREH, Tasdid awarded the first place in main subjects and was praised in University of Tehran.

These documents were collected based on a careful planning and efforts of CEO and all employees among which the followings are pointed:

  1. Audit
  2. Exercise (Emergency  Situations)
  3. Monitoring and measuring occupational and environmental pollutants
  4. Education
  5. Periodic examinations and completion of medical records of employees
  6. Using approved uniform, and personal and group protective equipment (PPT) according to the type of work activities and responsibilities by employees and contractors
  7. Using the integrated and updated check lists based on the latest existing standards to have a healthy and safe working environment.

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