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Vali-e-Asr Yard

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After winning the tender related to EPCI project for jackets of Reshadat oil field in 2006, which was held by the Iranian Falat-Ghare Oil Company, in order to construct the jackets and to solve the problem of lack of yards, Tasdid, based on the national attitude of managers on using the existing yards most of which were unused at that time, negotiated with several companies, including ISOICO, and preliminary agreement was achieved on using and renting the yard of that company.

As having a yard for an offshore contractor is a basic principle according to the objectives, missions and visions defined in the long run, after holding several meetings about finding a suitable solution to solve the above problem, the Iranian Offshore Engineering and Construction Company (IOEC) offered Tasdid to use the land owned by IOEC, located next to the Ghaem yards in Khorramshahr which was part of the company's development projects and was named yard III or Vali-e-Asr, for construction operations in Reshadat project. An agreement was signed between Tasdid and IOEC and Tasdid was committed to make the yard land, which had been a wasteland with no operation by that time, a equipped yard suitable for offshore construction projects.

The area of Vali-e-Asr Yard is 48 acres, 15 acres of which as a workshop has been by Tasdid equipped with facilities needed by offshore projects so far. The address of the yard is as follows: by land, Khorramshahr, Shalamcheh Road, after the second checkpoint to left; and by river, in Arvand River, next to Felieh Estuary and opposite to Ghaem yard.

Vali-e-Asr Yard now have the facilities and infrastructure by which the entire offshore project, including the construction of offshore oil and gas platforms up to 6000 tons capacity can be executed. It is also possible to develop and to complete the yard land to implement heavier projects in the future. Vali-e-Asr Yard has currently the following facilities and infrastructure:

  • Yard headquarters includes management, technical, quality control, project planning and control, HSE, financial and administrative departments with the area of ​​810 m2;
  • A conference room with the area of ​​about 60 m2 ;
  • Medical Clinic building with the area of ​​43 m2 equipped with full medical facilities, including 4 bed;
  • An ambulance with full equipment;
  • Workshop salon with high ceiling with the area of ​​405 m2;
  • Overhead crane with the capacity of 6 tons;
  • Indoor warehouse with the area of ​​120 m2;
  • Outdoor warehouse with the area of ​​1 ha;
  • 10 office conex containers;
  • 2 Health and Safety conex containers;
  • 2 containers;
  • 2 Q-Wall berths with dimensions of 32 × 12 and 12 × 40 m2 and a capacity of 6,000 tons;
  • 2 Skid Way devices with dimensions 180 × 9 and 5180 m2 and a capacity of 200 tons/ m;
  • Skid Beam (1) with length of 200 meters and a capacity of 10,000 tons being exploited;
  • Skid Beam (2) with length of 180 meters and a capacity of 10,000 tons being exploited;
  • Skid Beam (3) with length of 180 meters and a capacity of 10,000 tons under construction;
  • One automatic pipe cutting machine named HGG;
  • Power substation with the capacity of 1600 KVA;
  • Good storage with the area of ​​200 m2;
  • Diesel generators, 3 with the capacity of 400 KVA and 1 with the capacity of 250 KVA for uninterruptible and permanent power supply;
  • Drinking Water Treatment;
  • Temporary Toilets;
  • Internal access roads;
  • A communication conex container;
  • Septic and Wastewater Treatment;
  • 3 automatic welding machine;
  • Pipe bending machine for pipes with a maximum diameter of 4 inches;
  • 4 water storage tanks with the capacities of 10,000 and 1,000 liters;
  • 4 250-ton cranes: rented and standby;
  • 4  10 to 25 tons cranes: rented and standby;
  • One 20 tons a trailer flooring: rented and standby


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