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Integrated Management System

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After the successful establishment of cost control system (CCS) in projects, due to the expansion of projects and new requirements by the departments of the company, a specialized team aiming at establishing an integrated information system was formed and considered investigation of the following problems as the agenda:

  • Data redundancy (avoiding multiple entry of information, human error is reduced).
  • Lack of integration in information needed by departments with certain accessibility (lack of precise information on the side cost of the project, lack of full coverage of contract specifications and P.O.s in Procurement Department, and...).
  • Inaccuracy prioritizing the costs (not having a financial plan and a forecasting the detailed budget based on projects plans).
  • Having no immediate information on the contractor and the employer commitments.
  • Complete coverage and modification of some financial processes and controls projects.
  • Producing the minimum sheet and the lowest transfer between financial programs.
  • Sustainability in other departments including contracts and providing equipment and support.
  • Lack of centralized and traceable statements and having the ability to accurately obtain a variety of reports.
  • Accurate and timely announcing the end of the contract, the amount of receipts and payments in financial statements.
  • Proper controlling by the operator with the specified access level.
  • Separating the finances and control issues in each project (WBS).
  • Solving contract amendment problems.
  • More seriously following up the implementation of procedures based on PMBOK.
  • Non- covered warehouse inventory and information.
  • Insufficient contractors and their ranking features.
  • The final assessment of the EFQM and considering it as the first priority of improvement projects.
  • Studying and investigating the proposals from qualified contractors in this context, and sending a justification report to the director for theses proposals being executed.

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