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Department of Energy

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The Department of Energy is responsible for managing the supply and demand for water, electricity, energy, and water and wastewater services, promotion of education, research and technology, and providing infrastructures for development of goods and services market for utilities industry. The department plays its effectively key role in the preservation of national resources, preservation of environmental, promotion of public health, social welfare and self-reliance for sustainable development of the country.

The Department of Energy, by policy making, planning, organizing, directing, monitoring, regulation rules and bills, and creating an appropriate environment for effective participation of NGOs and other actors, direct electricity, water and sewage services sectors in order to fulfill the vision of the country. And providing services in accordance with national and international standards, it also tries to respect the rights and the satisfaction of the beneficiaries, especially the people.




Utilizing the latest scientific achievements and advanced management methods and the development of environment-friendly technologies, Department of Energy, in addition to developing and improving the efficiency and the quality of services provided at the national level, expands the water and electricity market of the country to the global level, in particular, to countries in Persian Gulf region. Department of Energy makes realized the sustainable growth of the country's utilities sector by creating a balance between resources and expenditure, and by improving the productivity and the participation of human resources as the most valuable asset.

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