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Iranian Falat-Ghare Oil Company

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Iranian Falat-Ghare Oil Company was established early September 1980 to meet the practical and scientific objectives for development, exploration and exploitation of crude oil and natural gas in the Persian Gulf. Among the company's goals and policies, we can mention the followings:


  • Exploration, development and production of oil and gas fields, with the priority to exploit fields shared with neighboring countries (except South and North Pars gas fields);
  • Protective production and of oil and gas reserves and increasing the exploitation coefficient;
  • Ongoing studies to better understand the reservoir using update technologies such as three- / four -dimensional seismic methods;
  • Preventing the migration of oil and gas in shared fields;
  • Development of human resources and improvement of employees’ efficiency by applying scientific and professional management methods;
  • Updating and renovating facilities.
  • Maintenance and proper use of the facility.
  • Optimization of exploitation procedures and avoiding burning associated gas.
  • Oil production activities in compliance with international environmental conventions and protocols.

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