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National Iranian South Oil Company

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National Iranian South Oil Company, the largest subsidiary of National Iranian Oil Company, is a symbol of one century experience in the oil industry of the country and the largest producer of oil in IRI. The company is responsible for supplying the feed to the refinery and for the great part of the country's oil exports through organizations and subsidiaries.

Relying on the scientific and executive potential of dedicated workforces, the company is responsible for planning and development of oil and gas fields, and for optimized production and development of tens oil and gas fields across four provinces and based on scientific principles and application of updated methods and technologies. In order to optimally perform the duties and responsibilities and to fulfill the goals announced by National Iranian Oil Company, the company, while being committed to sustainable development and in addition to meeting rules, regulations and legal requirements and regulations of the oil industry, defines and follows its organizational policy as follows:



  • Protective production of hydrocarbons proportional to known reserves and in accordance with the approved schedule;
  • Optimized development of oil and gas fields and increasing exploitable reserves;
  • Improving the quality of oil and gas fields development activities and minimizing delays and costs;
  • Environmental protection and efficient use of resources and energy, and trying to continuously reduce environmental pollution caused by activities and moving toward the prevention of any contamination;
  • Continuous improvement of health and safety performance, with emphasis on the prevention of injuries and illnesses, reduction of disasters, management and control of risk and harmful factors in work environment;
  • Developing and promoting awareness, knowledge, skills and abilities of employees;
  • Trying to export technical services to other subsidiaries of Ministry of Petroleum and to foreign countries according to the policies of the National Iranian Oil Company;
  • Continuous improvement of processes, systems and organizational structures aimed at improving the productivity and reducing losses and waste;
  • Strengthening the scientific and technical activities, and supporting scientific and practical potentials of experts and contractors

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